Father and daughter dentists!

Our patients have been talking about it for months:  The arrival of Dr. Megan Nevills.  She graduated from dental school in May, got her license in June and began practicing dentistry with her dad at Nevills Family Dentistry. 

How is this new arrangement working out for father and daughter?  Check it out:

From Dr. Dave:

It’s been huge fun. Everyone has been anticipating this for a long time (it seems). It’s definitely a joy to have Megan here, to have another dentist to talk to, and to do some of the newer techniques she learned in dental school. I have noticed, however, how changes in routine things will affect a person. Like when patients come into the office, see Megan, get treated, and then leave without me even seeing them-What just happened there ! I’ve been practicing by myself for 30 years and am used to seeing everyone who walks into the building. I guess I’ll have to work through that little quandary.

Also, I have found myself pacing the hallway, listening to how she talks with patients, and thinking,” Wow, she’s so professional”. She shows diagrams, I draw pictures using stick figures.  I use words like “rebar” and “scaffolding” to describe a process.  She uses precise terms, like “post” and “core build up.”

Early on we had to decide how to address each other in the office. It’s a little strange calling the kid you coached in softball “doctor.”  She’s also got me wearing scrubs now.

Dr. Meg is doing really well.  She brings a lot of energy to the practice and patients really like her.  She’s so good with people – so caring and compassionate. And maybe I can finally go on a two-week vacation and know that my patients will be in the best of hands!

From Dr. Meg:

It’s great to be working here with my dad.  The best part for me is that I get to work in an environment where I am encouraged and supported. I may say some things differently and do some things a little differently, but our core values and the way we care about people are the same.

We value taking time with each of our patients and caring for each in a way that makes the most sense for them. We’re not about seeing as many patients as we can in an hour or using the latest, most expensive technique simply because it’s become available.

My dad is a good problem solver and takes the time to come up with something creative that works well. It takes a significant amount of skill to do that. He’s also open to trying new procedures. We recently did our first bone graft together – something I’d done quite a bit in dental school. It was fun.  I didn’t really have to teach him anything, of course. I just showed him a few things, and he had it.

I want to learn from a guy like that.  When it comes to choosing a mentor, I’d pick Dr. Dave out of a crowd – even if he wasn’t my dad!